Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Included: North Dallas Landscapes mows your front and back yard with mowers. We also edge, line trim around beds/fences/AC/trees (please protect, otherwise they may be damaged) and other areas that are not accessible to our mowers, and blow the area clean.

Customer Service: The best way to reach North Dallas Landscapes is by using our Online Contact Form. We monitor these requests during all business hours. You may also call the office (214) 275-4998. Office hours are between 9AM-5PM Monday thru Friday.

Mow Day/Time: North Dallas Landscapes crews work Monday thru Saturday. Our crews are in certain areas on certain days, so you will be assigned a specific mow day. The crew follows the same route every week, so you will notice they arrive about the same time each week. However, as we add customers, it may change, so we cannot guarantee a time of day.

Holidays: One of our top priorities is to show up on the designated mow day and that includes national holidays that fall Monday-Friday. Since we have hundreds of yards on the schedule, there is no way we can skip a day & then catch up! If you want us to skip until the next scheduled mow, just give us a call or e-mail your request. Christmas and New Year’s day are the only days we do not work.

Payment: Payment for service is conveniently billed to your debit or credit card the 28th of each month. Although we are very punctual, keep in mind that your bank does not always post the charge on your account the exact day we process payments! Printed statements will be sent each month.

Declined Cards: In the event that your card is declined, we will try the card again the day before your next scheduled mow. If the card does not go through a second time, we will cancel the following day’s service and leave you a phone message. If you respond quickly with another card, we will promptly put you back on the schedule with no late fee or fee for changing cards. If your card is declined more than twice in a season, we may cancel service permanently.

Sprinklers/Lighting: If we damage a sprinkler head or drain cap, contact us within a week of the damage and North Dallas Landscapes will repair or replace the damaged item. We may decide, at our discretion, to service lawns which have landscape lighting with exposed (above the surface) wiring – but cannot be responsible for damages.

Pools: North Dallas Landscapes rates are determined by lot size. North Dallas Landscapes will not increase or decrease the quoted service rate for your yard based on the presence of a pool – regardless of whether there is currently a pool, or whether one is added in the future. Serving a home with a pool involves more edging and line trimming than a home without a pool, and there are also less open areas to mow, but North Dallas Landscapes chooses not to charge extra for this service.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you feel that our work is not satisfactory, or you think that we did not show up. Simply call or e-mail a short and courteous request and we will send our crew back to re-mow your lawn at no additional charge either the same day or the next day! Your request must be submitted within 24 hours of your designated mow day, otherwise, we will consider the services provided on that trip satisfactory. Any issues brought to our attention outside the 24 hour window will be addressed on the next designated mow day. Credits are not available.

Rain: We try to finish our routes even on rainy days, unless the entire day is washed out due to torrential downpour. If rain delays your designated mow day, we delay the remainder of the weekly schedule by one day so we can return and service your lawn the very next day. Sunday is the day for schedules that are delayed due to rain. North Dallas Landscapes keeps a strict schedule and we rely on you to call to skip if you think your lawn is too wet to mow. Skipped mow days are not rescheduled to avoid excessively long grass, we recommend that you allow us to mow your lawn wet.

If you sign up as a customer, we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel. Cancellations must be submitted by email or by a written notice at least 24 hours before the next service. No weekend cancellations for the following Monday. You must notify us of changes to your mowing service the day before your scheduled mow day in order for them to become effective. Installment plans are a courtesy we extend to our clients to help you budget your annual lawncare. If you decide to cancel before the 12 month agreement is completed you will be responsible to pay for all services rendered. Ex: if NDL provides $500 of services but have only received $300 in installment payments you, the customer, are responsible for the remaining $200. If you decide to use our services in the future, you will be considered “pay as you go” and will not be extended the courtesy of installments.

Gates/Pets/Items in Yard: If you lock your gate, it must have a combination lock for us to service your property. North Dallas Landscapes offers free combo locks, and installs them on our first trip to your property. Our crews are very careful about locking and closing gates, however, we cannot guarantee the safety or security of your pet. Our crews will not be able to notify you on their arrival under any circumstance, so we highly recommend that you secure your pet indoors or some other secure location on your designated mow day. You accept our service with this provision. All Toys, hoses, and other items should be cleared out for mow day.

Insurance: North Dallas Landscapes carries a $1,000,000 liability policy and our trucks are fully insured.

Warranty/Replacement Policy

North Dallas Landscapes will replace plant material for 90 days for small trees, shrubs and groundcover and one year on trees 3-inch caliper or more from the date of substantial completion of the project or specific phase of the project. THIS POLICY DOES NOT COVER VANDALISM, THEFT, DAMAGE DUE TO ACTS OF GOD, OR OWNER NEGLECT. MATERIAL DAMAGED OR KILLED BY INSECT OR DISEASE WILL NOT BE REPLACED. ALSO, TREES AND ORNAMENTAL TREES UPROOTED DUE TO HIGH WINDS ARE NOT REPLACEABLE. A service fee will be charged to upright wind damaged materials. SOD AND ANNUAL FLOWERS ARE NOT WARRANTABLE.
Deciduous plants installed while dormant (no leaves) will be guaranteed to leaf out during the following spring leaf break.
It is the OWNER’S RESPONSIBILITY to maintain the landscape installation upon substantial completion. This includes watering, application of pesticides, herbicides, root stimulator, and fertilizer. The most common causes of plant death are over-watering, under-watering, infrequent watering. The soil should be moist, not wet, not dry.
Replacements under this policy, material will be of the same size and kind as originally specified in the material list at no charge to the owner. PLANTS, TREES OR SHRUBS WILL BE REPLACED ONE (1) TIME ONLY.
This policy is void if all outstanding invoices have not been paid in full. Warranties are not issued for transplanted materials. Any other warranties expressed or implied are not valid unless they are included in writing in the contract documents and agreed to by the client and authorized representative of North Dallas Landscapes.